Our Global Network

The Panos Network is a dynamic global partnership of eight independent institutes held together by a common mission and set of values. It is legally registered as an international foundation in The Netherlands.

The Network is governed by the Panos Council, which is made up of one board member and the director from each institute, with a small secretariat based in New Delhi, India.

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Panos Global Network

Panos Caribbean’s mission is to amplify the voices of the poor and the marginalized through the media and ensure their inclusion in public and policy debate, in order to enable Caribbean people to communicate their own development agendas.

A vision of a Southern African community that is informed, actively engaged and empowered to drive its own development agenda

Panos Eastern Africa is a regional, information and communication for development non-governmental organisation working in the East and Great Horn of Africa. We work in the following areas of Media Pluralism, Governance and Globalisaton, Health communication, Pastoralist Communication, Gender , Environment and Conflict.

Why the media has a central role in creating a public sphere for democratic debate, and how journalists can be a beacon of light for policymakers

Communication is central to every facet of an individual’s life and a society’s development, but the hunger to be heard is still unsatisfied

The Panos Institute West Africa (CAPI) is an international non-governmental, independent, secular, founded in 2000 and after a program initiated in West Africa since 1988.

Channels for communication are as important as information itself, particularly in the challenging media environments of West and Central Africa